You probably already know...

You probably already know that great eye contact is essential for creating and maintaining a connection with your audience.

But because of nerves, many speakers either stare too hard at one member of the audience, which simultaneously blocks off the rest of the audience and freaks out that one individual, or their eyes flit too quickly over the audience, which can make the speaker appear shifty. So, what's the best method?

Here's a great tip I got from Steve Cohen, otherwise know as The Millionaire's Magician:

"Use imaginary strings. Pretend that imaginary strings connect your eyes to the eyes of each person in the group. Keep them tight by returning the gaze of people looking at you. Don't allow the centres to sag, because if they sag too far, the strings will break. If a thread breaks, work quickly to re-tie it. Do this with inattentive audience members by walking toward them, your proximity will bring them back into focus. And only direct your gaze to others once the defectors are back on board."

1 year ago